Stretcher Bars for Canvas Art

Art requires the use of quality stretcher bars as the foundation for canvas to ensure that it is displayed and preserved for years to come.

Use the Highest Quality Trusted Stretcher Bars

Stretcher bars come kiln-dried and can be pre-joined and perfectly squared.

  • Kiln-dried: remove moisture and reduce warping and twisting.
  • Pre-joined: professionally assembled and ready-to-use confidently.
  • Perfectly squared: for a flawless stretch-to-fit.

Use Cross Bracing to Maintain the Integrity of Displaying Canvas

Secure stretched canvas with the strength and stability of cross bracing. All standard sized stretcher bars come equipped with four cross braces for enhanced strength, rigidity, and squareness.

  • Enhanced strength: full tension of the canvas with no bending.
  • Rigidity: secure the canvas in place with no slipping.
  • Squareness: maintain precise angles for a perfectly aligned display

Order Professionally Pre-made Stretcher Bars or Custom Solutions

Choose from a wide selection of professionally pre-made stretcher bars or for a custom tailored option with unique needs please call us during business hours.

Visit our collection page to select and order pre-made stretcher bars.

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