Ready-made and Custom Picture Framing Services

picture framing factory warehouse in New york
Picture Framing Factory Warehouse in New York

Picture Framing Services Direct from the Factory

The mission of Abbot Art is to enhance and preserve the visual appeal of artwork.

Abbot Art offers expertise and an extensive variety of direct to customer wholesale pricing for picture framing services tailored for the art trade and discerning client.

An onsite factory warehouse in New York that allows Abbot Art the expertise, team, and tools to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, from single frame orders to large volume orders.

Comprehensive and Extensive Picture Framing Services

Above all else, Abbot Art serves discerning clients and specializes in archival framing solutions and accessories to ensure the longevity and preservation of artwork.

Picture framing services include:

  • Archival
  • Prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • Giclee Artwork
  • Posters
  • Professional Photography
  • Wedding Photographs
  • Oil Paintings
  • Acrylic Paintings
  • Watercolor Artwork
  • Sport Jerseys
  • Flags including shadow box
  • Family Tree Images
  • Ketubahs
  • Papyrus
  • Music Records

Order Ready-made Picture Frames

Choose a ready-made picture frame from the extensive available collection.

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Order Custom Picture Frames

Customize a picture frame to the desired specifications.

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