Oval Picture Frames

Oval Picture Frames are available at our Factory in Long Island, New York. Oval frames make a great presentation for both canvas paintings or giclee and prints on photo paper. 

Please note: The dimensions of the oval frame are the interior dimensions of the artwork that would fit the specified frame. For example a 16x20 oval print would fit a 16x20 oval picture frame on our site. If your photo print is rectangular and not oval you can trim the outside edges of the piece to make it fit into the oval picture frame. We also supply Custom Archival Mats in ovals and Custom Oval glazing(glass) and backing to fit the frames.

For Oval framing glazing, matting and backing please send an email to abbotart@gmail.com or call 8006223210 for pricing and to place an order.

You may view our Oval Picture Frame selection below: