Glass Replacement for Picture Frames

glass replacement for picture frames
Replace Shattered Glass in a Picture Frame

Broken, shattered, scraped, scratched, and unclear glass in your picture frame requires replacement for the fullest enjoyment of photographs, artwork, and precious items. Protecting these with traditional glass or high quality plexiglass acrylic is of primary importance.

Consider upgrading a traditional glass replacement to framing grade acrylic

High quality framing grade acrylic has many benefits over traditional glass and standard acrylic.

  • Equally affordable to glass = same pricing
  • Shatterproof for durability = protection
  • 99% UV protection = anti-fading
  • Non-glare properties = clarity + visibility

High quality acrylic is more durable than traditional glass and standard acrylic. High quality acrylic is shatterproof, scratch resistant, repels dusts, and easier to transport.

Only 90% of light is transmitted through traditional glass which causes prints to look darker, whereas high quality framing grade acrylic transmits 99% of the light for brighter colors and more vibrancy.

Traditional glass only blocks 30% of UV rays compared to high quality acrylic which blocks 99% UV rays.

High quality acrylic eliminates nearly all distracting and diminishing reflections compared to traditional glass and standard acrylic.

Dropping Off a Glass Replacement at Our Factory

  • Replace your broken glass with clear glass.
    • Glass replacement cannot be shipped due to possible breakage in the mail and must be picked-up at our Long Island, New York warehouse during business hours.

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Choosing and Ordering a Plexiglass Acrylic Replacement for Shipment

  • Replace your broken glass with high quality acrylic.
    • Acrylic can be picked-up at our factory and shipped anywhere in the world due to high durability.

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Sizing your cut-to-order acrylic is quick and easy with our a custom acrylic glaze app.

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Directions for Dropping Off a Glass Replacement for a Frame

Follow these directions to bring your picture frame with broken glass to our Long Island, New York factory.

  1. Place a piece of masking tape or shipping tape across the broken and cracked areas to avoid further breakage during transportation.
  2. Drop off your broken glass picture frame at our factory during business hours.

Types of Replacement Glass Available

  • Traditional 2.5mm glass
  • Conservation Glass 99% UV
  • Non-glare Reflection Control Museum Glass 99% UV
  • UltraVue Laminated Glass 99% UV