Gallery Wrap StretchingA Gallery wrap stretched canvas can give you a contemporary look to fit any modern design

Stretcher bars and Canvas Stretching Services in Long Island, NY. Top Quality Kiln Dried Fir for Standard Stretcher bars. Buy Direct from the Manufacturer and Save. Volume Purchase Discount Pricing Available. We also offer canvas stretching services. Gallery Wrap Stretching, Museum Wrap Stretching, and Standard Stretching Services in Long Island, New York.

We have the capability to fill large volume orders professionally without sacrificing any craftmanship or quality in our Canvas stretching services due to the fact every step of the work is done in our Factory in Long Island, NY ...from the manufacturing of the stretcher bars to the Canvas Stretching, Wiring, and Bagging.

Proper Canvas Stretching is crucial to properly display Oil Paintings, Giclee Prints on Canvas or other Canvas Media. If the Canvas is pulled too tight it can damage the image and if it is not stretched with enough tension so the canvas art is properly taut around the stretcher bars or strips then you will see waves in the painting or bubbles where the canvas is loosely pulled.

Where can I go to have my Canvas Artwork Stretched?

Generally, any well established Art Gallery or Picture Framing Store has the ability and knowledge to properly stretch your canvas using standard stretching whereby the staples are on the side of the canvas. Thereafter, you may proceed to the next step which would include framing the canvas artwork since the staples are visible on the sides. 

Wholesale Canvas Stretching Services are offered by us to the Art Trade! FOR OUR PRICE SHEETS SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!

What is Museum Wrap Stretching ?

Museum Wrap Stretching is when you stretch the artwork so the whole image shows on the front and you have white or any other color edging on the canvas. The Canvas is stapled on the back of the stretcher frame and there are no staples showing on the sides. Generally, items are stretched on either the 3/4" Stretcher bar or the 1.5" Gallery Stretcher Bar. The choice is subjective. Museum Wrapped images can be framed depending on your preference.

What is Gallery Wrap Stretching ?

When a canvas is Gallery Wrapped the image is wrapped around the back of the stretcher bars and stapled on the back whereby you see part of the image on the sides. Canvas Art are Gallery Wrap Stretched usually on either 3/4" bars or 1.5" Gallery bars depending on preference. Picture Frames can be used but it should be noted that once the item is framed part of the image will be covered by the frame due to the fact the image is extended to the sides of the stretcher bars.


For pricing on our Gallery Wrap Stretching Services for your Paintings or Giclee Artwork on Canvas click on the following link:


Gallery Wrap and Museum Wrap Stretching for Canvas Art


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Standard Size Regular Stretching for canvas art or giclee prints on canvas


For Pricing on our 1.5" or 2" Gallery Bars you may refer to the following price sheet:


Our Stretcher bars Standard and 1.5" Gallery Bars Price Sheet



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